Cascade integration for Sage 50

Sage 50 – using the inactive flag

Sage 50 has the ability to hide those accounts and records which are old and inactive. In this article we will give a few hints and tips on the impact this has on and a quick ‘how to’.

With the Sage 50 integration for, your dashboards will use the flag set in Sage and automatically filter out the names of those customers, products and suppliers who have the inactive flag set.

To set the inactive flag manually, you need to go into each customer, supplier or product and tick the box marked in yellow above. dashboards will automatically update on the next data synchronisation and will filter out those customers, products and suppliers from the lists held in the Cascade platform.

If you have many records which you need to set as inactive, we would recommend exporting the customer records, manipulating an excel import and mark the records as inactive. Re-import the details to Sage 50 and Cascade will update. Your business analytics tool will be updated to reflect this change quickly and effortlessly.

Please note that only records which have a zero balance, no recurring entries setup or is set as a default setting can be flagged as inactive.

The above routine is for Sage 2015 (v21) and above.


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